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From the era of King Sejong, called On-cheon Bae Mi, This hot spring is discovered by a farmer 120 years ago.
The farmer had has curiosity about this hot water emerging from here,
bathed a wound of his eyes with the water and was completely cured.
After that, sick people visited this place and got effect. Also, it is called mineral water.


Facilitiy Traditional Bullgama, Amethyst Room, Oxygen Jade Room, Charcoal Room, Seok-woon Room, Tourmaline Cave
Opening hours Weekdays/ 9 a.m ~ 8 p.m
Weekends/ 9 a.m ~ 9 p.m
How to use - Your baby ages less than 24 months must wear waterproof diaper when entering.
- Baby ages more than 36 months uses each gender’s bathroom.
- When enter the SPA, the food purchased from outside is not permitted. (only water and baby food are available)
- Limited entry will be provided when entry numbers of people exceeds maximum occupancy.
  At this time, entrance is available only when people leave the facility.
Contact for reservation and inquiries +82-31-639-5116

Mineral Stone Bed

Ceramic means the residuous powder by heating mineral stone and refining impurities from them.
Mineral Stone has been regarded as mysterious stone since Ming Dynasty.
It is processed with red clay, seaweed from mud flat and sea floor, shellfish and lava.
It is an aggregation of 45 elements heaped for hundreds of millions of years, When you heat Mineral Stone, it emits lots of far-infrared radiation.
So it is used for well-being products.

Red Clay

Red clay contains lots of calcium carbonate and has an aptitude to change into clay when combining water.
It is comprised of silica(SIO2),alumina(Al203), iron, magnesium(Mg), sodium(Na), potassium and emits far-infrared radiation needed for growth of animals and plants.
So it is referred as living creature and it also stated to be the best red clay which is in the east sun.

1. Promote the circulation of the blood and metabolism.
2. Remove toxins from body and relieve pain. It is good for arthritis, muscular pain, backache, aftereffects from the traffic accident.
3. Has ion fluence and medical action on the body.
4. Antiseptic function is powerful so as to prevent a respiratory disease.
5. Good for neuralgia, backache, arthritis and shoulder discomfort.
6. Excellent air cleaning function.
7. High Oxygen content because of minerals.

Yellow Jade(Topaz)

It is a solid solution. of tremolite and actinolite and has magnesium and calcium.
It is composed of innumerable crystals and particle array.
It also contains calcium, iron and magnesium needed for human body.
The color is yellow tone and it makes us fell familiar because of korea’s traditional flat stone’s yellow color.

1. Prevent osteoporosis.
2. Promote brain activity.
3. It is good for examinees because it has concentration effects by affecting neural circuit.
4. bad smell absorbtion.